Why Were OpTic Better In The CDL Stage 3 Major?

This past weekend the CDL underwent its third major of the 2021 season.

Cold War's year in the competitive spotlight has been played solely online, but will soon transition back to offline events.

A team that is no strangers to success at offline events is OpTic. OpTic's had a less than ideal year so far in the CDL and hasn't experienced many event wins since the early days of Modern Warfare under the Chicago Huntsmen banner.

But things are looking promising for the Greenwall as they finished 4th after struggling for most of Stage 3.

A lot of fans were eager to understand why they've now started to turn things around; luckily Scump has the answer.

Scump Explains Why OpTic Improved In Stage 3 Major

Despite the incredible solo players, Scump attributes their improvement in form to one key difference.

“We literally just needed confidence again,” Scump said on the latest OpTic podcast.

“We know we’re good, it’s just we go into a match with no confidence and the result would speak for itself. And then we would lose more confidence.”

He also said that the team “needed one good day” to get into the flow; which was aided by wins over Florida and Dallas. He claims that he would now “be confident against any team again.”

Time will tell how true this is and whether OpTic can better their placement next time out.

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