What Does "Come Out To The Coast Have A Few Laughs" Mean?

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With Season 3 Reloaded getting underway this week, Call of Duty have been teasing what's to come in a series of social posts.

Now this is hitting the game itself as a new Message of the Day reads "Come out to the coast...have a few laughs".

But what does it mean?


What Does "Come Out To The Coast Have A Few Laughs" Mean?

This is a teaser for the new John Maclane Operator, as it's a direct quote from Die Hard.

“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs”.

This is from the scene in which Bruce Willis is in the vent - which you can see below.


Call of Duty has been teasing 80's Action Heroes as Operators in the next Season 3 Reloaded update including John Maclane and John Rambo.

They will be available to purchase across Cold War, Warzone and COD Mobile.

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