Warzone: Juggernaut Duplication Glitch Causing Havoc Throughout Verdansk

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Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War is due to arrive in December.

More specifically, the tenth of December which is exactly one week away.

The Warzone integration within Black Ops Cold War has unfortunately been delayed, so players are still having to play Modern Warfare. 

However, a new glitch has been ruining Warzone for everyone.

Here's the new glitch!



ModernWarzone was the first to report this glitch.

The glitch itself is one of the biggest we have seen in Warzone, as players are finding ways to duplicate the Juggernaut armor and mini-gun.

Essentially allowing for four players to have the fully kitted Juggernaut outfit, roaming around the map.

For those who do not know, the Juggernaut suit and weapon are nearly impossible to takedown on your own.

Multiple on the map at the same time is a disaster waiting to happen. 

This was captivated in the following Twitter clip posted by ModernWarzone. 

Warzone is chalked until this juggernaut duplication glitch gets fixed. Hopefully it’s not something that will take an extended period of time. pic.twitter.com/zjqIn1j2Iw
— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone)
December 6, 2020


Hopefully, we will see some sort of resolution with this glitch in the near future! 


We will be sure to update you if Infinity Ward implements a fix. 


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