Is Dr Disrespect Buying A Call Of Duty League Franchise?

Two-time video game world champion Dr Disrespect has teased that he wants to purchase a franchise slot for the Call of Duty League.

Over the past 12 months, the Doc has fully embraced the concept of fielding his very own team of world-class Call of Duty talent and has even stated that he would bring three-time world champion Damon “Karma” Barlow out of retirement to captain the roster.

Since then, the talk of Doc entering the CDL had quietened down but in the background of a recent Tweet, the two-time is still aiming to enter the top flight of Call of Duty esports.

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Is The Doc Entering The CDL?

On March 20th, Doc posted a Tweet revealing an image of his brand-new book and while the launch of his book is a big deal, the to-do list laying next to it caught the eyes of many.

Dr Disrespect CDL
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The second item on the list reads “Announce CDL team.”

Considering that this has been a long-standing joke, there’s every chance that the two-time is fully leaning into it, but with rumours of the CDL expanding to 16 teams in the not-too-distant future, could the Doc really be dipping his toes into esports?

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Even if it is purely speculation, the thought of a huge character such as Dr Disrespect owning a CDL franchise does make you think whether such a deal could enter their very own team.

Where would the team be located? Which city would they represent? Which players would start? What would the team be named? Could it be the San Diego Violence?

Only the Doc could manage to generate speculation on a completely unrelated topic while promoting another one of his multi-billion-dollar projects.

Could he catch everyone off-guard and announce his CDL franchise this year?

While we wait, the rest of the list implies that 2021 is going to be extremely busy for the two-time.

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