How To Unlock The CARV.2 In Cold War, Zombies And Warzone FAST

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The CARV.2 Tactical rifle arrives as one of the big content drops in Season 3 of Cold War and Warzone.

This burst-fire weapon stands out in the tactical rifle class with its high bullet velocity output, offering powerful damage, solid recoil control, and a large ammo pool from the start.


Tactical rifles have been the subject of controversy in recent times across both Cold War and Warzone for being too powerful.

Here's how to unlock the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

How To Unlock The CARV.2 Tactical Rifle

To unlock the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle, you will need to complete a specific challenge.


"Using tactical rifles, rapidly kill 2 or more players in ten completed matches."

For Zombies, players can unlock the rifle by scoring 250 Longshot kills.

Players can also get it by purchasing a Blueprint Bundle from the store for 1200 COD Points.

The CARV.2 Tactical Rifle will come with the Plastik Prototype bundle!


Unlock The CARV.2 In Cold War Fast

We would advise playing Hardcore Nuketown 24/7 using either the M16 or AUG tactical rifle.

With such a small map and the ability to one burst players, you should rapidly make your way through this challenge

Unlock The CARV.2 In Warzone Fast

In Warzone, simply use the M16 or AUG in any mode. We'd advise jumping into a mode like Plunder or Resurgence as there will be plenty of enemies respawning and lots of opportunities to deal with opponents.


Unlock The CARV.2 In Zombies Fast

For this, we recommend playing Outbreak and using a a tactical rifle. You'll need to get shots on zombies at a distance of 50 metres or more.

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