How To Set Up An Outbreak Game In Cold War

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Outbreak is a free zombie update for Black Ops Cold War.

It releases today, 25th of February at 6 PM GMT.


You can actually play the new mode ahead of release!

Here's how to do so!

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How To Set Up An Outbreak Game

If you don't know what Outbreak is, we'll give you a rundown.


It's a new mode that takes places on three maps including:

  • Alpine
  • Ruka
  • Golova.

Players will have to escort a rover throughout the map.

Meanwhile, plenty of zombies and more will arrive through portals.


Some players may be getting a little bored of standard zombies, this new mode brings a load of fun.

Get ready for jump pads, vehicles and more.

If you want to play Outbreak before the official launch, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the most recent update is installed.
  1. Go offline and then open Black Ops Cold War.
  2. Head to Zombies mode then the Find Games tab and create a match.
  3. Using the offline custom game option you can choose Outbreak.

You won't be able to play with friends but it'll give you a headstart on all the action.

Get yourself familiar with the new zombies update.

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