How To Change Your Showcase Weapon In Black Ops Cold War

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Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is now live for players all over the world.

The new season implements a ton of content, including a brand new Zombies game mode and some multiplayer game modes.


If you are in a pre-game lobby, you may want a specific weapon to show off to other players.

Here's how to change your showcase weapon in Black Ops Cold War! 



Within the create-a-class menu, you have the option to change your showcase weapon.


The process of changing your showcase weapon is quite simple; as you will need to follow these steps: 

  • Head into the class you want to set as your showcase weapon
  • Hover over the weapon you want to set
  • An option should pop up that will note Set Showcase Weapon
  • Press the following button to set this weapon

This is all you have to do in order to change your weapon showcase within Black Ops Cold War.

Be sure to let us know what weapon you have set as your showcased weapon for the new Call of Duty.


Our personal favorite is the Combat Knife, as the character looks quite interesting with it equipped! 


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