The Best Helen Park Skins In Black Ops Cold War

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For those familiar with the Black Ops Cold War campaign, Helen Park is a no-nonsense member of Adler’s elite team of operatives attempting to track down Soviet spy Perseus.

The English M16 agent is often seen throughout several campaign missions before players have to make a decision that ultimately decides their fate.


Park has been a playable Operator in Black Ops Cold War since the release of the game and has received several Operator skins that can be purchased in the in-game store or unlocked by completing a range of challenges.

After looking through the 14 available skins, we’ve selected five of the very best Park skins that you must unlock.

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Glam Operator Skin

Park Glam Operator Skin

Treyarch fully embraced the 80s theme with this particular Operator skin for Park.

Complete with a blonde hairdo, headband, and ripped jeans, the Glam Operator skin is the perfect one to choose if you’re looking to stand out from the rest of the lobby.


To unlock the skin, purchase the Sleek and Stylish bundle from the in-game store.

Survivor Operator Skin

Park Survivor Operator Skin

Capitalising on the jungle location for Season Two, Park’s Survivor skin offers a dark green neckerchief complete with a decorative necklace of foliage.

The brown utility belt provides a lovely contrast in colours, making this skin one of our favourites.

The skin is available at Tier 0 of the Season Two Battle Pass.

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Hellion Operator Skin

Park Hellion Operator Skin

Like Park’s Glam skin, the Hellion skin is one of the most colourful that is available to unlock and is another excellent choice for those wanting to stand out from the crowd.

With plenty of pale pink and blue and a hint of bright green coming from the earpiece wire, this particular skin is one of the brighter offerings out of the 14 skins available for the MI6 operative.

To get your hands on the Hellion skin, score 15 eliminations with the Cold Blooded Perk equipped.

Double Agent Operator Skin

Park Double Agent Operator Skin

For those after a sleeker and more sophisticated look as opposed to the bright colour combinations, the Double Agent skin is simple, yet extremely effective.

The long white coat combined with the black and grey of the trousers and jumper offers a smart, yet casual look that doesn’t look appropriate for an all-out war. Despite this, we still think it looks very cool!

To unlock the Double Agent skin, purchase the Photo Finish bundle from the store.

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Tagger Operator Skin

Park Tagger Operator Skin

The Tagger skin adds a bit of artistic flair to Park, covering the jacket sleeves and ripped jeans with graffiti.


The relatively dark colours will allow you to blend into certain areas of a map, making it very easy to pick off any targets that stray in front of you.

This skin is available as part of the Tagger bundle which can be bought in the store.

Which is your favourite Park Operator skin? Let us know on Twitter!

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