Black Ops Cold War February 9 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, Zombies, and More

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Much to everyone's surprise, Treyarch has launched an all-new patch for Black Ops Cold War ahead of Season 2 beginning for Warzone and Vanguard.

Treyarch's latest release hasn't received an update since December 2021 and it appears the developer is delivering on its promise to continue supporting the game once its cycle has ended.

The surprising update appeared in the PlayStation database before rolling out across all platforms on February 9, 2022. With that said, here are the complete patch notes for Black Ops Cold War's February 9 update.

Black Ops Cold War February 9 Patch Notes
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Black Ops Cold War February 9 Patch Notes

Thanks to the developer's Trello board, we know all the changes that have arrived in Black Ops Cold War in the latest update. Amid rumours of brand-new content arriving, the patch contains fixes to various elements of multiplayer and Zombies.

Black Ops Cold War February 9 Patch Notes



  • Renamed the Progression tab to Career Progression and added a Legacy Progression tab in Barracks for easier progression menu navigation.
  • Addressed an issue where Seasonal Progression was showing incorrect Prestige icons.


  • Addressed a clipping issue when using the Zombie Head Gesture while using a Sentry Scorestreak.
  • Addressed an issue where the visual effect could remain stuck on the player when performing the Soul Torn Finishing Move.


Combat Record

  • Addressed an issue where Combat Record could sometimes appear locked under certain circumstances.



  • Addressed a UI error that would sometimes occur when playing Outbreak in splitscreen.
  • Addressed an issue in "Forsaken" where the Pizza Delivery text could overlap the Trial text.

Considering Treyarch is developing Vanguard's Zombies experience alongside the game's Ranked playlist, it's interesting to see the developer maintain its support for a game that remains one of the more popular Call of Duty titles. With Vanguard receiving a mixed reception, several players continue to drop into Cold War matches after six seasons of post-launch content.

Is Black Ops Cold War Getting New Content?

If leaks surrounding the update are correct, Black Ops Cold War is receiving a surprise dose of content. According to 'Real1ty' and 'TotallyNotAlaix', WMD and Jungle maps from previous Black Ops titles will appear alongside Ravenov as an Operator and two new weapons in the form of the Vargo 52 submachine gun and the Scythe melee weapon.

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