Die Maschine: All Perk Locations - Juggernog, Quick Revive and More!

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Black Ops Zombies has finally returned with the launch of Black Ops Cold War!

Players are getting stuck into the next zombies story and it's being incredibly well received.


Players have already managed to solve the Die Maschine Easter Egg in under 3 hours of it going live.

One of the essential parts of zombies is finding all of the perks throughout the map.

Some of these perks have been within the game since zombies were introduced back in World At War.

As well, there are some brand new ones within Cold War.


Here are the locations of all six perks in Die Maschine! 


How Many? 

In total there are six perks within Black Ops Cold War zombies.


They are: 

  • Juggernog - Increase health
  • Speed Cola - Faster reloads
  • Quick Revive - Recover health faster and revive faster
  • Elemental Pop - Random modification to all your ammo
  • Stamin-Up - Faster movement and sprinting speed
  • Deadshot Daiquiri - Better ADS and headshot damage




Most of these perks are relatively easy to find throughout the map.

So you should not have too much trouble finding all of them.

AC OMEGA has posted an informative video noting the locations of all six perks within Die Maschine.


Check it out below as well! 


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