Cut World At War Maps Leaked

It looks there were more multiplayer maps intending to come to Call of Duty: World At War than was originally intended.

Remember World At War? The fifth main Call of Duty title in the franchise took us back to World War 2, after COD4 brought us to Modern Warfare.

While we did have four DLC packs in that game, it looks like there was even more content to come it seems.

Well known Call of Duty leakers have revealed a flurry of maps and cancelled content that was meant to come to World At War all those years ago and it looks like some may have been reused for later projects.

Take a look at what could have been...

Cut World At War Maps


Storm seems to be a call back to some classic COD2 maps -it reminds me of Moscow in particular. World At War didn't feature any snow maps, so it's no surprise to see this one scrapped in the end.

Considering how large the map actually is, it would have no doubt been a suitable Ground War map.


Garden seems to be based on the Campaign mission 'Breaking Point' where the Americans attempt to take over Shuri Castle; this is consequently the last American mission.

It's taken almost certainly from the middle section of the mission where you must throw Mortars at the enemy.

It's very similar in style choice to Courtyard and is almost the opposite style. Where Courtyard was designed to be fairly symmetrical, this map is much more asymmetrical. The interesting part with Courtyard was the fact it had two levels of play, you could climb up onto the walls in the centre and travel through the brush. This map slopes from one end to another, with multiple levels.

Perhaps it was cut due to the similarities in already existing maps or the unfair advantage the top side would have had? Regardless, I'm sure it would have been an excellent map.


Another map that was based on an American mission - 'Burn 'em Out'. In this mission players take to the Trenches with an M2 Flamethrower to flush out the Imperial Army.

I think it's hard to say how this map would have panned out, it seemed to have a lot of open area to shoot in perhaps making it difficult to move up the map with any strategy.

COD WW2's Pointe du Hoc adopted a trenches map which seemed to do it justice and perhaps this served as an inspiration to create a map that flowed properly without making trenches the life and soul of the action.


When I look at this map, I instantly think of Infection from Black Ops 3.

The description for that map reads "warped simulation of a World War 2 historical battle set in a quaint French village." It's interesting that Treyarch waited seven years to finally introduce this map.

Where Infection seemingly features three lanes, this only seems to feature two. It might be the lack of spawn points and strategic play was what saw this map cut.

The general aesthetics really can be compared to its future incarnation -it's clear that this was the starting point for that map. It would have been a strong World At War map, just as it was in Black Ops 3.


Caves look a bit more like a Campaign map than a multiplayer map. The first picture makes it seem small and chaotic, but the second present a large open map.

It's hard to see everything on the map, but with a name like 'Caves' it's likely the action was intended to focus on indoor engagements.

If it featured a lot of underground engagements, it could be why the map was scrapped.

The Station

At first glance, this looks like a much smaller version of 'Station'.

It probably creates the foundation for that map and then extended it to be much larger. Given how big Station was, it would have been nice to have a small skirmish map like this.

Treyarch certainly learnt that just because a map works for one mode, doesn't mean it works for all modes. In Cold War, they introduced 'Strike' versions of maps to condense the action for smaller size matches.

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