Cold War beta: Hacks, aimbots plague Black Ops playtest

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The Cold War beta has a bit of a problem with cheaters.

As GamesRadar pointed out on Friday, the Black Ops Cold War subreddit’s dominated by clips showing how much work the team at Treyarch has ahead of it.


Aimbots, “wall hacks,” unbelievable lag — this certainly is a beta. But it’s got the makings of a truly great Call of Duty experience, provided the problems can be addressed close to the launch window.

In one recent post, a video clip shows a player whose every round becomes a headshot. All the other players can do is laugh at how blatant and ridiculous it is.

Another upload shows a player virtually surrounded by enemies, but going full John Wick anyway, pivoting and landing on killshot after another.

No one could mistake this for the work of a human player.


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“What’s even worse,” a commenter wrote beneath one of the videos, “is that [the cheater’s] nickname appears to be an advertisement for selling hacks.”

“Please tell me they’re going to have a theater system in this game like [Black Ops 4], where we can send sketchy clips to someone to review,” another user said.

In fact, Black Ops Cold War is expected to ship with a theater mode, so this kind of cheating should at least be easy to report once it’s spotted.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches on November 13.

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