CDL Stage 2: Apocalypse And Express Added To Map Pool

Stage Two of the 2021 Call of Duty League (CDL) season is right around the corner.

The Toronto Home Series will mark the start of the stage and will see all 12 teams battle it out for CDL Points and the all-important seeding for the Stage Two Major which begins on April 5th.

Before the start of the new stage, the CDL unveiled some changes to the map pool used for competitive play.

Here’s everything you need to know.

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CDL Stage 2 Maps


CDL 2021 Stage 2 Maps Apocalypse And Express
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On March 15th, the CDL revealed that Season 2 map Apocalypse will be arriving into the map pool to replace Crossroads as a Hardpoint map.

The change comes after developer Treyarch moved the fourth Hardpoint hill on Crossroads in a bid to balance the map.

Alongside Apocalypse, classic Black Ops 2 map Express will be making a return to competitive Call of Duty. The map has been introduced in place of Garrison for Search & Destroy.

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Is The Change Good?

In my opinion, the addition of Apocalypse as a Hardpoint map lends itself to the fast and frenetic action that Crossroads once possessed.

With several places for close-quarters combat, victory will come down to which team possesses the most slaying power while the main assault rifle player locks down the more open areas of the map from the several power positions that are on offer.

As a huge fan of Black Ops 2, the return of Express to the competitive map pool is a huge positive.

The only issue that could cause issues are the sound cues when mantling. It’s going to be very easy hearing players mantling into the ticket office in the middle of the map which could ruin how the map plays.

Are you excited to see Apocalypse and Express in action? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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