How To Get Aetherium Crystals In Cold War Zombies

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Black Ops Cold War marks the beginning of a new era for Call of Duty Zombies.

The mode has seen several innovations introduced ranging from armor to weapon rarities.

Now, Treyarch has possibly released their best map for zombies YET!

There are a lot of new features within the game mode, including Aetherium Crystals.

These mysterious crystals can be used in a number of ways in zombies, but the way to obtain them is not clear to some players.

Here's how to find them easily within Black Ops Cold War! 

What Are Aetherium Crystals?

Aetherium Crystals are a new form of currency within Black Ops Cold War zombies.

These crystals can be used to upgrade different aspects of your zombies loadout.

Whether it is your perks, weapon classes, or field upgrades; there are a lot of ways you can use these crystals.

In order to get the best possible loadouts, it is quite important that you obtain these crystals as fast as possible! 

How To Get Aetherium Crystals

There are various ways to obtain these crystals over the course of a zombies match.

You will have to play quite a bit of zombies in order to max out every aspect of your loadout, but over time you will obtain more and more crystals to improve your loadout.

So far, we have noticed three main ways to obtain these crystals: 

  • Milestones for reaching certain rounds
  • Beating the easter egg within Die Maschine
  • Exfilling at certain rounds

These are the most well-known ways to obtain these crystals; so it should not be to hard to obtain some! 

Fast XP

Playing zombies in Black Ops Cold War will also rank up your level

This can be an easy way to gain some quick XP that will transfer over to multiplayer.

There are some ways you gain an ample amount of XP.

One of these ways is to exfill at certain rounds.


We recommend exfiling past round 20; as this will reward you with an incredible amount of XP! 

Some players have noted if you can make it to round 30, the difference in the amount of XP you gain from previous rounds is staggering!

Check out the following YouTube video from MrRoflWaffles who notes this: 

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