Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Firebase Z Map Arriving on February 4th

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Just when the Zombies community had conceded the possibility of a brand-new map arriving in Season One, developer Treyarch surprised everyone by revealing the release date for the second chapter in the Dark Aether storyline.

The Black Ops developer officially revealed that the second Zombies map will be Firebase Z, after posting cryptic teasers across social media.

Originally believed to be releasing during the second season of post-launch content, Firebase Z will be the first major piece of Zombies content arriving to Black Ops Cold War.

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Firebase Z Zombies Map

Widely believed to be set in Vietnam, Firebase Z is the setting of the second Dark Aether outbreak.

Both Omega and Requiem groups are hunting to discover the origins of the outbreak and further details on the anomaly after the destruction of Die Maschine.

Treyarch also revealed that further information on Firebase Z will be revealed on January 15th, also known to Zombies fans as 115 day.

Firebase Z Release Date

The second Zombies map will be arriving across all platforms on February 4thduring the second half of Season One.

The map will be available to all players for free.

In the run up to players experiencing what lies in Firebase Z for the first time, Treyarch has confirmed that more information on the map and what to expect when the map launches will be revealed in the coming weeks.

This information is likely to include the global start time for the main Easter Egg questline.

For Die Maschine, Treyarch switched on the Easter Egg at a specific time to ensure plenty of players had the game downloaded in order to experience the Easter Egg first hand.

What secrets will be discovered in Firebase Z? We will have to wait until February 4th to find out!

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