Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Cut Content Leaked

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Black Ops Cold War leaks are running riot on the internet at the moment as we get close to the debut season for Call of Duty's brand new game.

While a lot of the leaks pertain to content that is coming soon, rarely does content that may never see the light of day get its time in the sun.


It's not a surprise to see some content fail to reach the full version of the game and often saved for later iterations of the game.

@Cheezburgerboys has supposedly revealed a lot of content that was seemingly cut from the game altogether.

Here's what he had to say...

Cut Black Ops Cold War Content

The leaker has informed us that all of this information comes from "word of mouth by testers" playing with pre-alpha, alpha and dev builds of Black Ops Cold War.


So the source may not be fully reliable but makes for an interesting read. These leaks mainly focus on Zombies but also include some multiplayer content too.

Originally, Die Maschine was meant to have a tutorial mode, similar to the one included in Call of Duty: WWII.

In the tutorial, you would start off normally with a pistol in hand and kill ing zombies. The idea was to teach you the basics, such as turning on the power.

While the game would play out as normal, some changes were made such as spawn location, perk locations etc.


As you may know, Sledgehammer was initially in charge of producing this year's game; naturally, they had 4-6 months of development done before Treyarch stepped in.

The leaker informs us this was intended to be a continuation of the WWII Zombies story, but ended up being changed to fit the Aether storyline.

For obvious reasons (severe lack of popularity) the Chaos storyline was cut altogether.

Interestingly, there was a different plan for the Die Maschine Easter Egg ending. As it stands, players Exfil from the map and that's the end of it. But, you were supposedly meant to load into a classic Nacht Der Untoten match but was cut for unknown reasons. Perhaps it will return as DLC?


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Mule Kick is reportedly in development and Der Wunderfizz will make a return. Mule Kick there allows you to carry up to three weapons at once and the Wunderfizz was a perk machine that granted you any random perk for just 1500 points.

There were originally going to be 5 tiers per skill upgrades.

Something called 'Mecha Z' was intended to be included as a mini-boss in Die Maschine. Supposedly, it was like the Panzersoldat with a new faceplate, machine gun on its left arm and had a jetpack.


The jetpack was also included in the game early on in development.

The Ray Rifle was also a cut Wonder Weapon.

With Multiplayer, there were two builds originally - one with manual healing and one with auto-healing. Reportedly, Treyarch wanted to see if bringing it back was a smart move.

He also lists some cut weapons (but are now coming as DLC) such as the Gorza, Mac-11, Striker and Galil.


Cut Scorestreaks also include the K9 Unit, H.A.R.P. (Advanced UAV), Strafe Run, Flamethrower and Hand Cannon.

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