Black Ops Cold War: How To Jump Shot On PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X And PC

Black Ops Cold War has brought back an era of Call of Duty that we haven't seen since 2010.

Cold War is a continuation of the original Black Ops story and features a lot of familiar territories, as well as a lot of new ground to cover.

Jump shotting has become a large part of Call of Duty and thanks to skill-based matchmaking, you're probably encountering a lot of players who do it.

So how can you do it yourself? Here's what you need to know.

How To Jump Shot In Black Ops Cold War

Jump Shots are easy to do once you know how to do them. You simply need to press the jump button whilst shooting your weapon.

Depending on your budget, you may need to invest in some new equipment to take full advantage of this technique as it can be quite uncomfortable.

If you don't want to spend money, there are three things you can do...

The first is to jump normally using A or X on the controller and shoot whilst jumping.

I'm sure many of you will have played FPS games with A being set to jump, making a natural reflex, but it requires you to move your thumb off the right stick, meaning you won't have full control of your weapon whilst jumping (as you need it to press A).

You can switch to 'Bumper Jumper' or 'Bumper Jumper Tactical', which swaps your jump button and Tactical Equipment buttons around.

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If you're up for learning how to play Call of Duty again, try the Bumper Jumper layout

This is great as it allows you to keep both your thumbs on the sticks while utilising both your middle finger and index finger.

So LB and A (Xbox) or L1 and X (PS) are now swapped! Press the start button on your controller to open the 'Settings' menu and scroll down the 'Controller' tab until you spot 'Button Layout'.

This is the ideal scenario, but not many FPS games on controller support this layout style, which is why it's a bit unconventional and often not used.

The final one is to play with the 'Claw' grip, which frees up your index finger to operate the face buttons (A, B, X, Y or X, Square, Circle, Triangle) and your middle finger operates the trigger.

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The 'Claw' technique is great, but very uncomfortable

If you're happy to spend some cash, you can buy a modified controller (no not the cheating kind).

These tournament approved controllers have small buttons installed into the back of the controller with paddles placed over the top.

This lets you hold the controller as normal and lets you use the paddles with your middle fingers, all while keeping your thumbs on the sticks.

We recommend checking out scufgaming for your controller needs!

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Modified controllers are often expensive but so worth it as they offer a lot of customisation!

If you're on PC, you've got the luxury of customising your jump button to anything you want. As you can engage five fingers over multiple buttons, you should use your thumb and pinky finger for your jump button on your keyboard hand.

If your mouse has extra buttons, try using the side buttons on it with your thumb. As its often the default option, I recommend using the space bar.

Ultimately, if you are struggling on console to use a controller and don't feel like spending money, plug in your mouse and keyboard!

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Keyboards are pretty self-explanatory and require little change to your playstyle

Why Is Jump Shotting Effective?

The reason it's an effective tactic is that you can often move your player out of the way of player fire and catch them off guard at the same time.

Jumping is sometimes the fastest way to move short distances.

When you jump upwards, players rarely follow the path of the player, so that player is often shooting a lower part of your body.

It means often that they'll be hitting a part of the body that has a lower damage multiplier and be able to survive longer.

If the opponent's aim is really, you may even dodge a few bullets by jumping over the fire.

It's also great for jumping around corners and blind spots to surprise your opponent as a player will rarely be aiming up high and it can give you a precious window to kill someone before they get you.

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