CIA Safehouse Cold War Walkthrough, Gate Code And Guide On Veteran Difficulty

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available across five platforms and offers new campaign, multiplayer and zombies experiences.

The latest chapter of the Black Ops series drops players into the peak of the Cold War with an all-new campaign developed by Raven Software.

Black Ops Cold War is a direct sequel to the very first Black Ops title which released a decade ago.

Black Ops legends Alex Mason and Frank Woods are hunting for the enigmatic Perseus, a Soviet spy believed to be back in play and on the hunt for intelligence belonging to the United States.

The second mission of the campaign is “CIA Safehouse E9”, a short and sweet cutscene that reveals further information on the story.

In this guide, find a quick walkthrough of the mission.

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CIA Safehouse E9 Walkthrough

Now assuming the control of Bell, you get the chance to customise your character and determine its history.

You can change everything from the name, place of birth, skin tone, gender, military background, and the psychological profile of the character.

There is a total of 14 psychological profiles that can be selected, all with additional bonuses to help you in future missions.

Seeing as we are playing through on Veteran, we selected Survivor for a 25% increase in health and Aggressive Behaviour for a 50% increase in reloading speed.

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Adler will introduce you to the rest of the team and will begin discussing a mission that took place in Vietnam. According to Adler, this was the closest the US has come to capturing Perseus.

Move towards the evidence board, and in the top-left corner, select the next mission known as Fracture Jaw!


CIA Safehouse E9 Gate Code



There are no trophies or achievements that can be earned during or by completing this mission.

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