What Is A Blueprint In Cold War? How To Get Blueprints And Use Them

Black Ops Cold War is available now and its multiplayer mode has been well-received by the passionate and often vocal community. 

One aspect that was introduced last year that has made a return this year are blueprints.

These allow you to use some of the most powerful attachment combinations on a variety of weaponry alongside some excluisve camouflages.

Here's a brief rundown of what they are! 

What Are Blueprints In Cold War

Originally introduced in Warzone earlier in the year, blueprints are essentially custom made weapons that you can use for any weapon.

Over the course of Modern Warfare's lifespan, players were able to unlock a wide array of blueprints.

All of these ranged in rarity and offered some amazing attachment combinations.

Furthermore, some of these blueprints had one of a kind camos for that specific blueprint.

Now, Treyarch has taken this model and implemented it into their title, and players already have access to some.

How Do I Get Blueprints

As of writing, there are currently 13 blueprints within Black Ops Cold War.

Most of these blueprints however are only obtainable through special conditions.

If you pre-ordered the digital edition of Black Ops Cold War, you were granted both the Iron Curtain and Western Front blueprint. 

As well, for checking out the beta; players were granted the Mutal Aminosity blueprint.

Future Blueprints

We can assume Treyarch is gearing up to release a ton of blueprints with the release of season one on December 10th.

These will probably be best used for the upcoming Warzone game mode, which is also going to be added on the tenth.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks! 

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