Black Ops Cold War: Players Are Encountering Laggy Cutscenes

Black Ops Cold War is almost here! 

COD 2020 will see Treyarch and Raven Software collaborate to create this year's FPS juggernaut, with Beenox helping to develop the PC side of things.

The Black Ops 1 sequel brings in familiar faces to support the campaign mode such as Alex Mason, Frank Woods and Jason Hudson

The campaign and zombie's game modes have been widely talked about this year, more so than ever!

Now, players are checking out some of the amazing content within; but not all is perfect for players.

Some players have noted they are experiencing awfully laggy cut scenes in the campaign. 

Here's what we know! 



Some users have expressed their comments on Reddit over concerns of laggy cutscenes.

This one comes from user u/spudnut2508 who notes the following in their Reddit post: 

Has anyone else been experiencing laggy cutscenes during the campaign and also the introduction cutscenes to multiplayer and zombies? It’s really bugging me as It’s taking the immersion out of the campaign.

This post gathered a lot of replies, as it appears they were not the only one experience issues.

Some other comments include u/madsbrads25515 who notes: 

It’s sooo bad for me but also seems to get worse during certain cutscenes... like the ones with real life footage or whatever it feels like I’m seeing a frame every two seconds :(

Hoping it’s fixed soon because other than the lag the campaign is amazing! I love seeing my own name pop up at the start of each mission lol the personal document thing they added was super cool imo

(Editing this to add that I’m also on Xbox one s)

So, it appears this is becoming a widespread issue.

As well, there does not appear to be any fix or comment from Treyarch regarding this.

Hoepfully, they will address it sometime soon! 


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