MP5 Cold War NERF - What Did It Do?

The MP5 is a weapon synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise.

Now, it has once again been the focal point of the game's release and has quickly earned a reputation as the strongest weapon.

With the ability to take down enemies across the map with the right attachments it appears Treyarch did not like what they were seeing.

A hotfix was deployed back in November for the MP5 - nerfing the damage at range.

Here's what has changed! 

Effective Base Damage

The MP5 has been heavily talked about since the game released last week.

It essentially had the range of an Assault Rifle with the right attachments and players were tired of getting killed by it.

Treyarch has announced via Twitter that they have significantly reduced the effective base damage.

More specifically, they have reduced it by 33% making it less viable farther away.

#BlackOpsColdWar update: We've reduced the base effective damage range by 33% and adjusted the initial recoil for Submachine Gun Alpha.

Now get out there and try the other four!

It also appears that they want players to try more guns than just the MP5.

So maybe this is why the change was implemented so suddenly.

Be sure to let us know if you are enjoying the nerfed MP5! 


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