Black Ops Cold War: Loadout Sharing On Social Media Coming Soon

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Update 1.06 implemented some necessary weapon balancing and the game has already experienced a shift in the meta.

Now, we are looking ahead to the first season of Black Ops Cold War; which is when competitive action is going to kick into overdrive. 


This is combined with the addition of the Nuketown 1984 map which will be released tomorrow for players all over the world.

Call of Duty has seen new heights over recent years, and it appears Activision is continuing to innovate its title. 

Weapon loadouts are all something we are well aware of within Call of Duty.

With so many attachments and combinations, it can tricky to find the best match.


Well, a new patent has just been granted to Activision as reported by GameRant; which notes players will be able to share their loadouts on social media soon. 

Here's what it entails.



The patent itself is filled with text, so it may be a bit of an eyesore to pick out.


But, what we are concerned with is the fact that the following has been noted in regards to being shareable because of this patent: 

Weapon performance attributes, weapon appearance attributes, weapon performance statistics, player performance statistics,

So, pretty much all of the main attributes of your weapon and attachments you will be able to share.

On the actual sharing side of this patent; the following has been noted: 


A player may further specify that he or she wishes to make a customized weapon configuration available for gameplay by one or more other players. In some implementations, a user may specify that a customized weapon configuration and/or some or all of the foregoing information be made available to all players, or a subset of players including, but not limited to, friends (or followers), or team members, or other groups of players.

The next blurb of text is related to the sharing engine itself: 

Enable a player to share weapon configurations, information about weapon configurations, and/or gameplay statistics internally (or in-game) via, for example, an in-game social network or a game publisher-centric social network accessible in-game by game players. Additionally or alternatively [it will enable players to share] via one or more external social networks (e.g., Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, etc.). In one implementation of the invention, the sharing engine may enable a player to transmit communications (e.g., email messages, text messages, or other electronic communications) that include hyperlinks or other selectable graphical user interface objects that enable recipients to access the shared information."

This new patent, when it is implemented into the game will also allow players to send "personalized text, graphics, pictures, audio, video, or other multimedia".


When this gets implemented is unknown as of now.

But, it appears to be a promising feature we are looking forward to using within Cold War! 


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