Black Ops Cold War League Play: All Ranks and Ranking System Explained

League Play has finally released within Black Ops Cold War! 

The long-awaited game mode may not have been what the community was expecting initially.

But, nevertheless, players all over the world are grinding away at the new game mode to achieve the highest rank.

If you are unaware, there are multiple ranks within League Play. But, the system can be a bit confusing.

Here's a quick rundown of how the ranking system works! 


All Ranks

In an announcement blog post that was posted yesterday by Treyarch, they have detailed all the ranks players can obtain within League Play.

In total, there are five separate ranks you can be placed in.

They are: 

  • Master: Top 2% of players
  • Elite: Top 3-10% of players
  • Expert: Top 11-15% of players
  • Advanced: Top 16-20% of players
  • Competitor: 50% of players
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How It Works

You may be wondering how you will make your way from the Competitor division all the way into Master per se.

Thankfully, Treyarch has posted the following statement in regards to ranking up. 

Wins will award Ladder Points that increase your position on the Ladder. Losses will decrease your Ladder Points and can drop your position on the Ladder. Winning consecutive matches will earn you a Win Streak Bonus, and you can earn a Daily Bonus by playing every day.

We take match integrity seriously, and poor sportsmanship isn’t tolerated. Any players who quit a League Play match will receive Ladder Point penalties and a match loss, and increased penalties will be applied for players who quit a match before anyone else on their team does.

So, like most ranked game modes the better you perform over a stretch of matches, the more likely you are to advance in divisions! 


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