Black Ops Cold War: How To Unlock The Nightfall Blueprint

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Black Ops Cold War's gameplay is out in the wild and Treyarch's next game looks incredible.

The anticipation for Black Ops Cold War is building, as we are less than 24 hours from release.

This has been a busy week for gamers all over the world, and this weekend is going to be jammed pack with Call of Duty! 


By now most of you are aware that prestige mode is back, this time around it is a bit different. 

Before Season One kicks off on December 10th, players are able to unlock rewards as part of the 'pre-season'.

This is going to take place starting tomorrow until Season One officially releases. 

One of the rewards you are able to obtain is a blueprint for a wicked sniper.

Here's how to unlock it!




For those who do not know, here is a quick rundown of how the prestige mode is going to work in Black Ops Cold War! 

Treyarch has unveiled more details surrounding Prestige Levelling in Black Ops Cold War. 

Starting at launch, players will have the chance to work their way through a total of three Prestige levels. The first begins after the Military Ranks have been completed, the second starts once Season Level 50 has been reached and the third will be secured once players have reached Season Level 100.

Beginning at the start of Season One, the level will reset with each new season and progress will continue from the highest Prestige achieved from the previous season.

Once you've made it through the third Prestige, four more Prestiges will be able to be achieved across the first 200 Season Levels. 

So, for the first month of Black Ops Cold War's release, you will be able to level up your character quite a bit.

This is where unlocking the Nightfall blueprint comes into play.


As once you reach LVL 50 you are going to unlock it! You do not even have to prestige once. 



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