How To Uninstall Cold War Campaign, Multiplayer And Zombies For PS4, Xbox One, PS5 And Xbox Series X

Black Ops Cold War is another Call of Duty game causing havoc on hard drives meaning players will need to uninstall things to make space.

A feature that has been amazing for PC players is the ability to select which mode of the game they want to be installed.

Season 2 has pushed Cold War's size to over 100GB, when all modes are installed.

Like many, if you're in need of more hard drive space why not try uninstalling modes you don't play?

This proved vital for Warzone and Modern Warfare, as you were able to save a lot of space on your HDD/SSD. 

Now, console users can uninstall the Cold War Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies mode to free up space.

Here's how to do it for yourself!

How To Uninstall Cold War Modes

This feature is one of the best the developers have ever added into Call of Duty.

With the size of games nowadays, it is a great way to save some space, especially if you do not plan on checking out the campaign or zombies game mode. 

If you are on the Xbox Series X/S, these are steps you are going to follow to select which game modes to uninstall. 

When you load up Black Ops Cold War, press the right stick; which will bring up the file management menu.

Once inside this menu, you are able to select which game mode you want to unstall.

If you are playing on the PS5, the process is similar.

Once Cold War is booted up, go ahead and press 'R3'.

Then you will be within the file management menu and you can select which game mode you want to uninstall.

This particular technique for both consoles is the perfect way to save some space for any other games that may take your fancy.

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