Cold War Campaign: Decrypt Floppy Disk Code Guide From Desperate Measures

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Black Ops Cold War is available across the world and players have been getting stuck into the thrilling single-player campaign.

The fifth chapter of the Black Ops series saw Treyarch spearhead multiplayer development, Raven Software focus on the campaign, and Beenox assist in the development of the PC edition of the game. 

The sequel to the first Black Ops title brings in familiar faces to support the campaign mode such as Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson.

Along with the return of classic characters, there are plenty of Easter Eggs within the game.

As well, there is a side mission within the campaign called Operation Chaos which players can partke in.

Before you begin this mission, you will need three pieces of evidence from previous missions.

All three pieces can be found through our guide here.

Then once you enter the mission, you will have to decypher a rather complicated code.

Here's how to solve it! 


Before you can head into the Operation Chaos mission, you will need to find three pieces of evidence as noted above.

These can be found within the following three missions:

  • Nowhere Left to Run 
  • Brick in the Wall
  • Redlight, Greenlight

You can check out the following YouTube video from scannerbarkly who notes where to find each piece of evidence. 

The first piece of evidence will be found at the end of "Nowhere Left to Run"; when you are interrogating, pick the numbers option. Within "Brick in the Wall", you will notice a circular audio tape right after you locate the prisoner, it will not be hard to obtain. Finally, during "Redlight, Greenlight"; while you are making your way through the retro bar, pick up the front page of the newspaper.

Code Cracking

We are not cracking the floppy disk code; which is the heart of Operation Chaos. 

Begin by taking a look at the coded message; you will notice two different coloured numbers, one being red and the other being blue.

You will have to figure out the mission numbers between each of the blanks, do one of the colours first then move onto the next.

Listen to the Numbers Station Broadcast; and take note of the numbers you have just found while listening to the tape. This will be very important as a city name will be mentioned, note this down as well; because it is the phrase you will need for the next part of the code. 

Using the newspaper you found within "Redlight, Greenlight"; you will once again notice that some of the letters are coloured red. Moving these around will give you the name of another city, this will be the second city name you will need. 

Listen to the Numbers Station Broadcast again to figure out the code of another city name. This will be the final one you will need to crack the code.

scannerbarkly has posted yet another fantastic YouTube video, and this one notes how to properly encrypt the code.

Check it out below for visual assistance! 

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