Black Ops Cold War: Free Demo Is Letting Players Buy The Game For £5

The release of Black Ops Cold War Season 1, was one that players were looking forward to for quite some time.

Now players are checking out all the new content within the game.

But now a new glitch has surfaced and it is a massive one. 

A glitch within the demo of Black Ops Cold War is enabling players to purchase the game for the price of a burger.

Here's how! 



ModernWarzone on Twitter was the first report of this glitch that we have seen.

Essentially, players are downloading the demo of Black Ops Cold War within the store.

After they do this, they are being offered an upgrade to the next-generation version of Black Ops Cold War for as little as £5.

Yes you read that right, they are paying £5 for the whole game.

Check out the images below ModernWarzone has posted! 

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This is a massive glitch within Black Ops Cold War, and we can assume Activision/Treyarch will be taking a look at this right away.

Be sure to stay up to date with us on social media and this article for any updates regarding this glitch. 

As well, let us know how you are finding Black Ops Cold War Season 1! 


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