Black Ops Cold War Likely to Ship Without a Prestige Mode

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The Call of Duty series dropped its traditional prestige mode for 2019’s Modern Warfare, transitioning to a new two-rank system.

Prestige Mode in Black Ops Cold War?

According to at least one leaker with a history of insider info, folks hoping to see prestige mode return in Black Ops Cold War will probably be disappointed.


“As of right now, it looks very doubtful that prestige mode is returning with Black Ops Cold War,” Twitter user ModernWarzone said on Thursday.

“Plans change, however, and we are still more than two months from release.”

Up through Black Ops 4, most Call of Duty titles offered the option to reset your character progression once you hit a certain rank, locking most of your weapons and equipment in exchange for, well, prestige (and usually a cool emblem, etc.).

In Modern Warfare, players hit rank 55 and transition to a seasonal officer rank, which goes higher than 55 but resets when a new season (and battle pass) arrives every so often.


It’s likely we’ll see something very similar to the Modern Warfare ranking system in Black Ops Cold War. We may find out for certain on Wednesday, September 9, at 1 p.m. Eastern, when Treyarch unveils the game’s multiplayer.

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