Black Ops 5: Cross-Play Details & Information for COD 2020

Cross-platform play is one of the latest trends in gaming. Allowing players to play their favourite games with other people regardless of platform is one of the largest advancements in gaming over the last decade.

2019 saw the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and for the very first time, enabled players to play each other regardless of platform.

With COD 2020 on the horizon, many players are asking as to whether the cross-platform play will remain in Call of Duty games.

In this article, find out whether COD 2020 will feature cross-platform play and why it should!

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!

Will Cross-Platform Play Remain?

If Activision Blizzard is listening to the Call of Duty community, then the resounding answer will almost certainly be a yes. 

Cross-platform play has re-united the Call of Duty community. PlayStation players often received updates and DLC first while both Xbox and PC players had to wait even longer for any form of updates.

Cross-platform play has bought the community together, with everyone being to play with each other regardless of platform, something that very few titles have managed to achieve.

Looking to the future and the expected release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 5, it would be a backward move to not include cross-platform play. 

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Still More Possibilities

Cross-platform is only available for multiplayer and spec ops modes on Modern Warfare, meaning there is still room to fully utilise it for a variety of modes.

The talk of battle royale in Call of Duty never seems to be dying down. If Blackout makes a return on Black Ops 5 alongside a revamped Zombies mode, imagine being able to play Blackout and defend yourself against unrelenting hoards of the undead in an environment where the platform is no boundary.

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A Constant In The Franchise

Now Infinity Ward has introduced Call of Duty to the wonders of cross-platform play, it would be a logical move to maintain its presence for future titles.

The addition of cross-platform play has been one of the best things to arrive in Call of Duty for some time. It would be a shame to see it disappear along with several other features once Black Ops 5 is released.

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