12 New Maps Arriving To Black Ops Cold War According To Leaker

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Even though Black Ops Cold War is nearing the end of its cycle, Treyarch is intending on supporting the game with plenty of content once COD 2021has been released. As the game approaches the launch of Season 5, a leaker has claimed that plenty of multiplayer maps are in the pipeline, much to the excitement of players.

According to a notable Call of Duty leaker, there are a total of 12 Black Ops Cold War maps that have yet to be released, meaning that there is still plenty of brand-new content to get stuck into despite focus beginning to move from Cold War over to COD 2021 which is reportedly named Vanguard.


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New Black Ops Cold War Maps

Yemen Black Ops 2 Loading Screen
Yemen Black Ops 2 Loading Screen

The leak comes from @TheMW2Ghost, who has managed to correctly predict a range of content launches several months to their appearance within the game.

"There is still about 12 maps designed for Cold War yet to come," the leaker claims. "Say 3 each for S5 and S6, then a bunch post-season."

The leaker also says that they're "pretty sure" a remade version of a classic map will arrive once COD 2021 has been released.


Which Maps Are Being Remade For Cold War?

The notable leaker has previously revealed that two classic Black Ops maps are already in the works. Plaza and Yemen are expected to appear at some point during Season 5 but with another ten maps still unknown, it's unclear as to which maps will be receiving a remake.

Considering the immense success of Raid and Standoff returning to Black Ops, it's no surprise Treyarch is continuing the trend into the latter seasons and into the second year. One map that has been heavily requested is Launch from the first Black Ops title, could we finally see it make an appearance in Season 6? We will have to wait and see!

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