Five New Black Desert Mobile Classes Arrive This Year

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Limitations and differences between Black Desert Online and its mobile version often leads to content coming to one and not the other. And while that's certainly true according to the Black Desert 2021 content roadmap, a whole bunch of new Black Desert Mobile classes are set to arrive this year. Some are old, one is new, and the other hasn't even been revealed yet. Here's what we know.

Announced as part of the annual Black Desert Heidel Ball over the weekend--which enjoyed close to a million views across Twitch and YouTube--Black Desert Mobile is set to get a slew of new content this year, but new BDO classes are bound to be the most exciting part of the announcement.

New Black Desert Mobile Classes

Whenever the update goes live, new Black Desert Mobile classes Corsair, Lahn, Mystic, Solaris, and "one more mysterious class" will join a game that already enjoys a ridiculous number of unique combat classes. Here are the five new classes coming to Black Desert Mobile this year:

  • Corsair
    • Revealed to be in development for all available platforms at the same time, this new swashbuckling pirate will bring freaky shapeshifting and sea-based abilities to the fray.
  • Lahn
    • Lahn is a dancer-style class that uses elegant twists, turns, and swirls to fight and glide around the battlefield.
  • Mystic
    • This melee-heavy class wields cesti to protect their hands as they jab, punch, and pulverize their opponents.
  • Solaris
    • This ancient warrior class uses a gargantuan spear that appears as light as a feature, swinging and slashing at all nearby enemies for devastating group damage.
  • TBA
    • The final one is still shrouded in mystery, but it shouldn't be too long until we hear more about it.

Although Lahn, Mystic, and Solaris have been available on PC/console players for some time already, the fact that they're coming to mobile now suggests Black Desert Mobile is still very much a focus of developer Pearl Abyss.

Corsair Release Date - New Black Desert Mobile Classes

You won't have to wait long to play as the first of many new classes coming to Black Desert Mobile. Corsair arrives on all platforms on the same day, so mobile gamers will get to play about with their mermaid transformations on July 29 just like their PC pals.

Are the New Black Desert Mobile Classes Gender Locked?

Sadly, yes. Just like most other BDO classes, Corsair, Lahn, Mystic, and Solaris are all gender locked in Black Desert Mobile. It's a girl's world out there, so each and every one of them are female-only classes. We won't know about the fifth until the proper reveal, however.

Great Ocean Expansion Details

Shedding a light on the Corsair's sudden existence, Black Desert Mobile is getting its very own expansion in the future.

It isn't clear if the Great Ocean add-on will release alongside the Corsair next month, but what is clear is its contents. Fishing, treasure hunting, ghost ships, New Night and Padix Pirate island, World boss Khan and a whole lot more are coming with it.

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