BDO codes - Free scrolls and items (March 2023)

A warrior wearing armour in Black Desert Online

A warrior wearing armour in Black Desert Online
March 10, 2023: We added the latest BDO codes to our list.

If you need BDO codes, we're here to help. Also known as Black Desert Online, the expansive sandbox MMO is only getting more popular, and fortunately there are plenty of freebies for you to grab. With plenty of resources and currency available, it's worth redeeming them!

In this Black Desert Online guide, we'll break down all the active BDO codes you can use right now. On top of that we'll explain the code redemption process, while also detailing exactly what each code unlocks for you.

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New BDO codes (March 2022)

  • DAYN-ASBD-AYST-REAM - 15 Cron Stones, five Memory Fragments, Wanderer's Star, one-hour Item Collection Increase Scroll
  • 7YEA-RBSA-DVEN-TURE - Advice of Memory, Supreme Old Moon Scroll, 500 Loyalties, Advice of Valks, Whale Tendon Potion, 50 Ancient Spirit Dust
  • 7YEA-RANN-IVER-SARY - 300 Cron Stones, Advice of Valks, Enchantment Help Kit, Choose Your Shakatu Box, Mystical Artisan's Memory Bundle
  • IAMM-AEGU-IAMW-OOSA - Three Advice of Destiny, three Advice of Memory, two Combat or Life boxes
  • MAEG-UWIT-HAHA-MMER - J's Hammer of Loyalty

The following BDO codes have sadly expired. These were last confirmed as inactive on March 10, 2023.

Expired codes:

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Two women preparing to fight in Black Desert Online.
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How do I use BDO codes?

Fortunately, it's incredibly straightforward to redeem BDO codes. If you're playing on PC, there are two main ways, alongside a third method involving the Black Desert+ mobile app. But remember, that's a separate entity to Black Desert Online Mobile!

Firstly, if you're already loaded into the game, simply hit the Esc button. This brings up a menu, from which you need to select Adventurer Support. There you'll see a text box to input your code. Simply paste it in from our list, hit redeem, and the loot will be yours!

Alternatively, you can head to the BDO code redemption website. Ensure you're logged into your account, then all you need to do is paste in a code direct from this page.

Lastly, if you're on the Black Desert+ app, go to the main menu, then the Coupons tab. Over there you'll see a text box to input a code, which you can do nice and easily.

What are BDO codes?

As with so many other live service games, BDO codes are freebies used to net player extra in-game items. The contents of each code are entirely at the discretion of the devs, but fortunately Black Desert Online codes have been pretty generous as it stands. Look out for all sorts of currencies, ranging from Cron Stones to Ancient Spirit Dust.

You'll also be able to get items including the Wanderer's Star, Advice of Memory, and Whale Tendon Potion. These all have their own niche uses in-game, so it's always handy to have these spares in your inventory.

How do I get more BDO codes?

With the game only growing in popularity, more BDO codes in the future are practically a certainty. However, it's not always clear just where to look for new codes.

One of the best places to check is the official BDO website's Announcements page. These posts contain the latest news and tweaks to the game, so could well house codes in the future. There's also a YouTube channel and Twitter page worth keeping tabs on, so you never miss a freebie.

Of course, you can also bookmark this page and check back often. We'll update this guide as soon as more BDO codes land. Until then, feel free to redeem the latest PLS DONATE codes for Roblox!

A previous version of this guide was written by Gemma Le Conte.

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