Best PP-29 Loadout for Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 might be a bit of a mess but the game is still a ton of fun to play, thanks to the options Battlefield Portal has and the number of weapons that can be used, which is why we decided to come up with this PP-29 Loadout.

Hilarious “PP” name aside, every Battlefield 2042 weapon has its uses and the PP-29 is no exception as this gun is an SMG that can pack a big punch if you know how to get the most out of the equipment so, without further ado, here’s how to have an awesome PP-29 Loadout.

Best PP-29 Loadout

Unlike some of the other SMGs in the game, power is a bit lacking with the PP-29 as the gun does lack some damage output, but makes up for it by having some great handling and a decent firing rate.

PP-29 Attachments

Here's which attachments work best on the PP-29:

  • Muzzle: Rattlesnake Light Grip
  • Scope: K8 Holo
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue
  • Mount: Extended Barrel

The PP-29's power might be low but it doesn't need to be upgraded as the accuracy and range are all you need to get some decent kills, so there isn't much of an issue sticking with the Standard Issue ammunition.

Since we want the PP-29 to have more accuracy, we go for the K8 Holo scope as this should ensure that you aim better, leading to more kills and even more success for your squad.

PP-29 Secondary, Throwable, and Gadget

  • Secondary: MP28
  • Throwable: EMP
  • Gadget: IBA Armor Plate

Because we can't rely on the PP-29 for power, supplementing it with the MP28 should do as the handgun does a decent amount of damage for when your magazine runs out and has readily featured in a number of our loadouts already.

The EMP might not be able to damage foes like a good old Frag but the explosive does mean that other gadgets and vehicles will be stopped, giving you the chance to approach and gun down your opponents caught by its blast.

Lastly, players will want some decent defence, so equip the IBA Armor Plate to take some damage while running away or gunning others down.

PP-29 Stat Improvement

The PP-29's base stats are as follows:

  • Firepower: 30
  • Accuracy: 40
  • Range: 42
  • Handling: 60

Once you add the above attachments to your loadout, your stat spread improves to this:

  • Firepower: 30
  • Accuracy: 50
  • Range: 49
  • Handling: 50

While the PP-29 might never do a ton of damage, improving its other stats will make it a deadly SMG that can catch a lot of your opponents off-guard with superior accuracy and improved range.

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