New Battlefield 2042 Map Leaked, and Fans Reckon It's Too Open

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Exposure by name, exposure by nature, apparently. Prominent data miner Temporyal has been correct about numerous leaks in the Battlefield 2042 scene, from which guns are in the game to the specialists' abilities.

This time around, there's a new map in the offing. Rumoured to be part of the Battlefield 2042 Season 1, its name is Exposure. All we have to go by is a low-res image tweeted by Temporyal. It states a few tidbits about the backstory of the map too.

Apparently, Exposure is based in British Columbia, Canada, and it sure looks the part. From my visit to that part of the world, the steep valleys, imposing mountains, and huge lakes are clearly represented very well.

It does look a little bit... how do we put this... Exposed, though. That's what a lot of Battlefield fans are saying in the comments, with criticisms of the game's overly large-scape map design making it harder to get into close-ranged fights and high-octane action.

Hopefully, the rest of the backstory helps with this, though. With a landslide revealing a secret research facility with a Russian weapon inside, we might be able to fight in the tight corridors and dangerous locations a top-secret research facility would likely house.

It remains to be seen at the moment, but we'll keep you up to date as and when we see more info on the Exposure map, or any other future reveals on Battlefield 2042 maps!

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