Battlefield Dev Team Takes a Christmas Break, Some Fans Furious

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A Battlefield 2042 operator wielding a defibrilator.

Battlefield 2042 was a disappointment for many fans. We lamented it in our review, giving a score of two out of five, and wishing the game's vision could have been realised, but holding out hope that it could come through with enough time and a dedicated development team behind it.

It's a shame to see a game disappoint its fans so much, particularly when it was pitched so strongly and so massively hyped. There's still hope that the game becomes what it was supposed to be in the future, but for now, it's understandable that fans aren't pleased with the product they spent their money on.

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Battlefield Dev Team Takes a Christmas Break, Some Fans Furious

Unfortunately, though, this disappointment has evolved into something far more toxic. This led to EA's Global Director of Integrated Comms for Shooters, Andy McNamara, sending tweets describing his frustration at receiving messages complaining about the lack of Battlefield 2042 updates during the holiday break.

These tweets have since been deleted and McNamara issued an apology for the messaging being taken the wrong way by fans.

In community discussions, however, there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of sympathy for the dev team's position. The game was a letdown to a lot of people, and since its release DICE have published numerous patches and updates that fixed plenty of issues plaguing the game.

Of course, this should've been the case at launch, but since the game was released in that state, all we can do as players who want to see Battlefield 2042 become the best game it can be is offer feedback in a fair manner. This means not going out of our way to complain about people not communicating through their work channels on their Christmas and New Year holiday. You wouldn't do that to any other profession, would you?

It seems to be all too easy for consumers of video games to forget that people who work in games are just that: people. Most of us haven't made a game before. Those who have, especially on a huge project with a massive team like Battlefield 2042, will undoubtedly know more about the sheer amount of work that goes into making changes to games like this. Yes, even features fans were unhappy about prior to release like the lack of a class system and a proper scoreboard.

The game tried to take a different direction and it's now attempting to pull out all the stops to become the version of Battlefield 2042 we all wanted it to be. It's okay to voice your displeasure with how the game is at present, but there comes a point where the community has to take a look at itself and wonder whether or not what they're doing is actually constructive to the game they want to be a part of.

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