Battlefield 2042 15-7A Error Fix - Unable to Load Persistence Data

Running into the Battlefield 2042 15-7A error? You're not alone. The Unable to Load Persistence Data problem is popping up frequently, and while EA and DICE have issued no statement yet about the problem's origins, overloaded servers are likely causing the issue. At the time of writing, Battlefield 2042 just entered early access, and as with other new live games, it takes a while for servers to adjust and cope with the load.

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Battlefield 2042 15-7A Error Fix - Unable to Load Persistence Data


The 15-7A error will likely resolve itself over time or during periods of lower server stress. You can sometimes manage to get into another mode, such as Hazard or Breakthrough, but if you're insistent on playing the main mode, there is another way.

You can try power cycling your console by turning it off, unplugging it for two minutes, and trying to enter the game again. This method clears the console's cache, though it's not guaranteed to resolve Battlefield's Unable to Load Persistence Data problem.

If you're playing through EA Origin, clearing your cache is a bit different.

  • Hold the Windows key and "R"
  • type "ProgramData%/Origin" into the text box (without quotation marks)
  • Choose "Ok"
  • Delete all folders except "Local Content"

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Again, there's no guarantee it'll resolve the issue, but it's worth a try if you don't feel like waiting.

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