Is Babylon's Fall Cross Platform/Crossplay Supported?

Square Enix and Platinum Games is currently developing Babylon's Fall which is slated to be a online co-op title. The game is confirmed to be released for three platforms namely PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. However, will this title have crossplay and crossplatform capabilities?

Developers Confirm Crossplay

According to an official Babylon's Fall stream in Japanese, the developers themselves confirm that crossplay will be a feature in this title. In the future, Babylon's Fall players on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 can play together.

For many multiplayer titles, crossplay features often require the developers to take more time to make the title and evencauses a divide in the playerbase. However, the focus on Babylon's Fall is to make a co-op experience for its players saves it from any competitive advantage that could break the game in the long run.

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Cross feature constraints

While crossplay has been confirmed, Babylon's Fall does have its crossplatform limits. The developers confirmed that it won't have cross-save and cross-buy features. Players can't transfer their save file and progress on one platform to another.

Additionally, getting Babylon's Fall on the PlayStation 4 won't assure that they'll have a PlayStation 5 copy upon inserting the PS4 disc on the console. Square Enix isn't going all out on the crossplatform features for this title.

Online-only Title

For a co-op multiplayer title, Babylon's Fall is confirmed to be an online only title. Players can only access the game if they're connected to the internet like any other online game. Due to this design, the focus on the online multiplayer and crossplay features could rapidly boost the game's playerbase.

Babylon's Fall doesn't have a specific release date. However, the developers are currently planning for a 2022 release for this game soon.

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