Assassin's Creed Valhalla Book of Knowledge Guide: How To Gain Abilities For Eivor and Best Ones To Use

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the latest entry into the proclaimed series from Ubisoft. 

Eivor is the main protagonist within the game, and you will be able to dabble in multiple customization options throughout the game.

Most Assassin's Creed titles have a large focus on collecting, gear, weapons, and completing other side missions.

This one is no different, as there is a large emphasis on the Book of Knowledge items you will find all over the map. 

These books are used to unlock special moves throughout the game. 

Here are all the different books within the game. 



Over the course of the game, you are probably going to encounter some hidden chests and incredible loot. 

Some of this loot will be marked by a golden book icon.

These books are called the 'Books of Knowledge' and can be found all over the map.

Finding these books will unlock ranged or melee combat abilities.

Similar to Odyseey, you can only equip four at a time; and will need to gain enough experience in order to use one. 

Check out the full list of Books of Knowledge you will be able to find in Valhalla courtesy of!


  • Rush and Bash
  • Blinding Rush 
  • Poison Strike
  • Kick of Tyr
  • Vengeance of Thor
  • Feign Death
  • Dive of the Valkyries
  • Harpoon Impalement
  • Rage of Helheim
  • Fire Strike
  • Throwing Axe Fury 


  • Poisonous Powder Trap
  • Incendiary Powder Trap
  • Ranged Poison Strike
  • Ranged Fire Strike
  • Piercing Shot
  • Mark of Death
  • Raven Distratction
  • Man's Best Friend
  • Focus of Nornir
  • Axe Blizzard
  • Thron of Slumber 

Let us know which ones you are going to use! 


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