Assassin's Creed Valhalla: How To Find The Comb For Bil - Maiden's Missive Mission

Ubisoft steered away from their yearly model of games, and they are gearing up to make Valhalla the best Assassins Creed title.

With your choice of next-gen or current-gen for Valhalla, everyone will get a chance to play. 

Now, the game is released all over the world; along with the Xbox Series X/S. 

The game has steered away from the RPG style of side-missions to some degree.

There are not as many throughout the world, but there are still some wild encounters.

One of the first ones you will run into is going to be the Maiden's Missive quest.

You will notice two men looking around a massive lake looking for a 'comb'.

This is where you will be able to talk to the lady sitting on the coast, and she will ask if you want to join in trying to find her comb. 

The prize? A long conversation with her at the end of the mission.

Here's how to find it.



The quest itself is located within the Rygjafylke mountains, and it is just north of your home settlement at the beginning of the game.

There is a massive waterfall you will notice, along with some markers on your map of treasure and the quest itself marked by the blue icon.

Once you agree to partake in the quest, you should go ahead and use your Raven's vision to try and pinpoint the comb. 

For better reference the comb itself is under the water, using the vision underwater will highlight it to some degree.

Once you are swimming down you will be able to pick it up eventually and then you can swim back to the top.

For visual guidance check out the following YouTube video from GosuNoob!


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