Black Ops Cold War Warzone LEAKS: Release Date, New Map, Weapons, Battle Pass, Vehicles And Everything We Know
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Black Ops Cold War Warzone LEAKS: Release Date, New Map, Weapons, Battle Pass, Vehicles And Everything We Know

Chris Trout
17 September 2020

War never changes.

Black Ops Cold War is the next Call of Duty title to coincide with Warzone.

It was confirmed that Warzone will evolve and connect the Call of Duty universe for years to come.

While details are still unclear how it will work and what that transition may look like, we can certainly hazard some guesses thanks to the information and leaks that are already out there.

Here's what we know about Black Ops Cold Warzone.

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Latest News

Alcatraz Coming To Warzone? - 17th August

Is Alcatraz returning as the Gulag for Black Ops Cold War's version of Warzone?

It could be something to do with the upcoming season of Warzone, but new files referencing the former Blackout map have appeared in Modern Warfare.

Many theories are speculating it will take over the place the Gulag currently holds.

Read all about it here.

Activision Confirm Content Transfer - 26th August

Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Warzone with Black Ops Cold War when the game launches on November 13th.

Release Date

Dataminers have found a release date of 13th November 2020.

An official release date for the mode is unknown, but we expect it to arrive with the launch of Black Ops Cold War.

As Warzone is already out, the update may come before the launch of the new Call of Duty title.


Black Ops Cold War's Warzone mode will remain free-to-play.

In-game purchases can be made with COD Points.


Black Ops Cold War's Warzone will be supported on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.


The new Warzone may be on the new engine being made for Black Ops Cold War. Nothing official has been said.

Those who buy Black Ops Cold War will be able to launch the mode from the game menus.

New Map

Black Ops Cold War will bring a new map to Warzone, likely bringing a Cold War-era theme to the map.

With the story between Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, could the maps be connected? Will we receive a 1980s style Verdansk or an entirely new map altogether?

It's still a big mystery at this point, but @_TomHenderson_ has leaked that there will be a new map that replaces Verdansk.

He also detailed that Verdansk could reappear at a later date depending on player feedback.

You could argue this is very similar to Fortnite's Chapter structured, in which the new Chapters bring a cleanse and a restart to what's currently in play. One difference here is that they aren't working back in time, but rather always going forward; it will be strange seeing modern-day weapons wielded in a past setting.

Early rumours suggested that the Blackout map might return with some different POI. Treyarch has said that it was very happy with its first attempt at a Call of Duty battle royale mode, so will they attempt to create a Blackout 2.0?

It's hard to imagine that would be the case, but it's always a possibility.


Everything you've earnt in Warzone will be preserved and retained as Warzone evolves - that means...

  • Those who earned Modern Warfare items in Modern Warfare or Warzone will retain them in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • New Black Ops Cold War content, such as weapons and attachments, can be unlocked by playing Black Ops Cold War and Warzone
  • The Battle Pass System will continue to include free tiers, which will include new base weapons in addition to other categories of items players can earn simply by playing the game
  • Battle Passes will launch in tandem with post-launch live seasons based on that season's narrative
  • Players can see the content they will earn or buy through the Battle Pass or Store
  • The Battle Pass and Store will feature a variety of cosmetic content, including Operators, Weapons, Blueprints, Player Identity items, and more.
  • There will not be a Season Pass model. Post-launch Multiplayer maps and modes will be free and given to all players simultaneously on all platforms.


We assume killstreaks will return in the Warzone mode and be similar to what's already there with a Cold War spin

Killstreaks have been rumoured already, these could include:

  • RC-XD
  • Napalm Strikes
  • Artillery Strikes
  • UAV
  • Counter-UAV

Seasons & Battle Pass

A Season 1 Battle Pass is confirmed to arrive with Black Ops Cold War.

So far, Battle Passes and Seasons have gone hand-in-hand with Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The smart assumption is that it will continue to be a universal experience, especially with the Battle Pass.

There is the possibility that Warzone has a slightly different approach and continues to path it's on.

If Tom Henderson is right about his leaks, having weapons 


Vehicles will return in Warzone.

It's unknown if all Vehicle skins will carry over into the new Warzone mode


Operators return - so far we can assume Frank Woods is an Operator given he is a pre-order bonus in the universal mode Warzone.

Skins have been confirmed to arrive based off of pre-order bonuses.

It's unknown if all Operators will carry over into the new Warzone mode


Yes, Black Ops Cold War Warzone will feature cross-play and support cross-generational play for both Multiplayer and Warzone.

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