FIFA 20 Icon Swaps Set 3 LIVE: Rewards, Objectives And Advice
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FIFA 20 Icon Swaps Set 3 LIVE: Rewards, Objectives And Advice

Matt Thomas
13 March 2020

As we’re almost halfway through the 2nd set of Icon Swaps in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, we can begin taking an early look at when we might be expecting the 3rd and final Icon Swap set of the year.

The Icon Swaps 3 in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, have ARRIVED with Icon Swaps 2 coming to an end TODAY.

With this being the last swap of the year, we're expecting them to go big with a few of the most recent Prime Moments Icon cards to be included.

Here's what we know about Icon Swaps Set 3.

Latest News 

Icon Swaps Set 3 Is Live! - 13th 

Prime Icon Pack Spotted In Code - 13th March - 10:10 GMT

Spotted by u/roryhersee a line of code has been added for a Prime Icon Pack.

Icon Swaps Set 3 Token Card Designs - 13th March 10:00 GMT

EA have added the card designs for the tokens used to claim your Icon Swaps Set 3 prizes.

When Will FIFA 20 Icon Swaps Set 3 Release?

We're expecting Icon Swaps Set 3 to release in the next week as Icon Swap Set 2 is due to expire today, Friday, March 13th, plenty of rumours are circulating that it will arrive tonight.

We're at least expecting Icon Swaps Set 3 to be announced soon after, by Friday, March 20th at the latest.

Given that Icon Swap Set 3 will span multiple FUT Seasons, with icon swap tokens being staggered across these seasons, expect to be able to receive all of your Icon Swap Set 3 tokens by May-June.


Key predicted dates:
  • 13th Mar - FUT Season 6 and Icon Swap Set 2 Expires

With this in mind, I expect Icon Swap Set 3 to arrive around Mid March, assuming of course that EA decides to release two 3-week FUT seasons for the remaining 12 tokens for Icon Swap Set 2.


Icon Swap Set 3 Predictions

As Moments Icons aren’t currently available in FUT, we’ll be releasing a full Icon Swap Set 3 Prediction a little closer to the Set 3 release.

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