How To Make Fertilizer ARK Survival Evolved

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No doubt if you've played ARK you're all too familiar with the fear-filled noises Dodos.

Most players will have spent a fair share of time punching Dodos, unfortunately, this is a survival game and we need food!


If you feel awful every time this happens, there's a solution!

You can actually make a crop farm, but you'll need fertilizer, here's how to make it.

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How To Make Fertilizer

Fertilizer is essential when it comes to farming in ARK.


You can make it in a Compost Bin, otherwise, Dung Beetles can actually produce it too.

To create Fertilizer in a Compost Bin you'll need 50 Thatch and 3 Feces (this can be any form of Feces).

Wait roughly 50 minutes and voila, you have Fertilizer!

To make your Dung Beetles produce Fertilizer you'll want to set them on 'wander'.


You'll also need to place Feces in their inventory, they will then convert it into 1-16 units of Fertilizer and 2-14 units of Oil, the amount depends on the size of the Feces.

It'll take the beetle 15 minutes to do this.

If you're wondering how to get Feces on tap, a Phiomia will be your best friend!

Feed Stimberries to a Phiomia to farm Feces for Fertilizer.


Your last option is to make a toilet, poop in it and flush.

If you do the above correctly you'll have an endless and fast Feces farm.

How To Use Fertilizer

To use Fertilizer you'll need a Crop Plot placed in your game already.


Open its inventory by pressing E when hovering over it, Y for Xbox and Triangle for PlayStation.

Put the Fertilizer inside the Crop Plot's inventory.

If you have Seeds or Plants already and a Water supply your farm will begin growing.