How To Make Beer In ARK Survival Evolved?

Imagine being able to brew your own beer in a survival game...

Well, now you can!

ARK is no stranger to fermenting and creating new items through this process.

If you're wondering how to make Beer Liquid or a Beer Barrel, keep reading!

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How To Make Beer

You can make Beer Liquid by placing 50 Berries and 40 Thatch in a Beer Barrel.

You'll have to wait 6 hours for the liquid to properly ferment.

If you're playing on an online server that runs continuously this won't be such a painful process.

Just set it up before you log off and the next time you jump on it should be done.

When done, use a Water Jar to remove it.

After this, you should have a Beer Jar!

You can use Beer Jars to passively tame Chalicotheriums.

How To Make A Beer Barrel

The Beer Barrel is similar to that of the Preserving Bin.

It produces Beer Liquid by fermenting Thatch and Berries.

The barrel can be filled with up to 1000 water.

Otherwise, you can set up an irrigation system for continuous production.

The engram for a Beer Barrel requires the below resources:

  • 500x Wood
  • 80x Metal
  • 100x Cementing Paste

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