How To Incubate Eggs ARK Survival Evolved?

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If you've mated dinosaurs in ARK Survival Evolved, you might be wondering what to do with the egg.

You don't get much guidance when it comes to hatching eggs


We've brought to life plenty of baby dinos, so we'll give you the low down.

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How To Incubate Eggs

First things first, you'll need a fertilised egg, a normal one won't work.


Unfertilised eggs can be found around the map, dinos will randomly lay them as they roam.

You need two of the same dinosaur to be able to mate them and receive an egg.

Then you need to start the incubation process.

This will involving making sure the egg is at the right temperature.


Most will do this using fireplace in early gameplay, though this isn't very reliable.

Use a mixture of fireplaces, air conditioners and otters/dimetrodons (they can lower temperatures) indoors with your egg.

The time it takes for the egg to hatch will depend on the species, and if the temperature has been consistent or not.

You can pause incubation by placing an egg in a refrigerator.


Find a table with all the relevant information for each species incubation temp, hatch speed, maturation times and more here.

Once the baby has hatched be sure to add plenty of food to its inventory so that it doesn't starve.