How To Get Fiber In ARK Survival Evolved?

Survival in ARK Survival Evolved isn't just about staying warm, fed and not being killed by a dinosaur.

You'll also need to make a shelter, base and much more.

To do that you'll need some resources!

One of the most important materials from day one is fiber, so how do you get it?

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How To Get Fiber

Fiber is a resource you can collect in ARK Survival Evolved.

It has many uses and you'll likely want to have a lot of it stocked up.

It'll be one of the first items to go into your inventory when you spawn as it doesn't require a tool to harvest.

Players can get fiber by walking up to foliage such as bushes or bamboo and pressing E, Y for Xbox and Triangle for PlayStation.

Otherwise, further into gameplay, you can make a Metal Sickle which will yield a lot more fiber and will be faster.

Best Creatures For Harvesting Fiber

You can also use a number of creatures that are good at harvesting fiber, including:

  • Moschops
  • Therizinosaur.
  • Gigantopithecus
  • Dire Bear

You won't be able to ride a Gigantopithecus or make a Metal Sickle until level 30 so, bear this in mind.

Fiber can also be found in white and green Supply Crates.

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