How To Enable Admin Commands ARK PS4

Although survival games are a lot of fun, sometimes it might be a little too much of a challenge.

This is where cheats can come in handy.

Whether you just want to have fun or you want a helping hand every so often, here's how to enter admin commands on ARK.

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How To Enable Admin Commands ARK PS4

Firstly you'll need to open the cheat console.

This will vary depending on what platform you're on.

PS4 players will need to press the following buttons in this sequence: L1, R1, Square, and Triangle.

You should see a bar appear at the bottom of your screen.

Here you can enter whichever cheats you want to use.

Enter the same sequence of buttons to close the console.

If you're playing singleplayer these should work straight away.

Although, if you're on a multiplayer server you need to enter 'EnableCheats [Password]'.

Enter the admin password into the brackets.

Below you can find a list of some cheats you may find handy!

  • addexperience <X> 0 0 – Gives you X amount of XP
  • DestroyAllEnemies – Destroys all non-player creatures on the map, including tamed creatures
  • DestroyMyTarget – Destroys the creature or structure that is currently in your crosshairs instantly, without leaving a corpse
  • DestroyStructures – Destroys all structures owned by all players on the map
  • DisableSpectator – Disables spectator mode. Character is killed and respawn menu is displayed
  • DoExit – Shuts down the server
  • DoTame – Tames the targeted creature
  • EnableCheats <password>- Enable server admin commands for current player
  • EnableSpectator – Enables spectator mode
  • EnemyInvisible true – All creatures will ignore the current player even when attacked
  • EnemyInvisible False – Disables the creature
  • fly – Allows you to fly
  • forcetame – Instantly tames a dinosaur, can ride without saddle
  • gamma X – Changes the ingame brightness
  • giveengrams – Unlocks all crafting recipes for your character
  • giveresources – Gives you 50 of all resources
  • GiveToMe – Changes the owner of the target (creature or structure) to the current player
  • ghost – Noclip, ability to walk through walls/objects
  • god – Enables god mode, you are not able to be killed
  • HurtMe <amount> – Damages the player character
  • infinitestats – Gives you infinite hunger, stamina, and other stats
  • kill – Instantly kills the targeted structure or creature
  • leavemealone – Combination of, god, infinitestats, and EnemyInvisible True
  • PlayersOnly – Stops all creature movement and crafting in the game. Players can still move around normally. Repeat this command to disable
  • r.bloomquality X – Sets the bloom level
  • r.lightshafts X – Sets the light shafts coming from light sources
  • SaveWorld – Force saves the server
  • setcheatplayer true – Enables the cheat menu
  • setcheatplayer false – Disables the cheat menu
  • settimeofday <timestring> – Changes the time of day
  • ShowMyAdminManager – Brings up the Admin UI
  • Stat fps – FPS stats for anyone
  • Stat unit – Anyone (not just admin) can see stats
  • teleport – Teleported in your current direction
  • toggleInfiniteAmmo – Infinite weapon ammo
  • walk – Deactivates flying

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