How To Craft In ARK Survival Evolved?

ARK Survival Evolved is all about survival.

With plenty of dinosaurs roaming about, you should likely get some shelter.

This will require crafting! So how do you go about that?

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How To Craft


As you level in ARK you'll notice you gain engram points.

These can then be used to unlock engrams, giving players more choices in what to build and make.

Most of the time you can craft from your inventory but sometimes you'll need to use something such as a Cooking Pot or Fabricator.


To be able to craft you'll need resources.

Each ingredient needed for an engram varies depending on what you are making.

Early in the game, you'll mostly need materials like Wood, Thatch, Stone, Flint, etc.

As you get further into your playthrough you'll need to start combing materials to make a new resource which will be required by an engram.

An example of this is Sparkpowder which can be made using Flint and Stone in a Mortar and Pestle.

Beacons And Blueprints

Blueprints are like engrams but there's a difference.

You don't need to unlock and learn a blueprint before use.

You can find them by going toward beacons of light, there you'll find cargo crates.

Each will have a level rquirement:

  • White Beacons - Level 3+
  • Green Beacons - Level 15+
  • Blue Beacons - Level 25+
  • Purple Beacons - Level 35+
  • Yellow Beacons - Level 45+
  • Red Beacons - Level 60+
  • Deep Sea Beacons - Level 80+
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