How To Cook Meat In ARK Survival Evolved?

Being new to ARK Survival Evolved there's a lot to learn.

Certain aspects won't initially seem a big deal until a while later, like temperatures for example.

This is the case for starving too, some plays aren't immediately aware it's an aspect of the game.

Most will go ahead making a shelter, etc only to realise they need to eat, then panic ensues.

So if you want to learn how to cook meat then keep reading to keep your belly full!

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How To Cook Meat

You can get meat from dinosaurs carcasses.

To harvest it simply hack away at their bodies and you'll get raw meat and sometimes hide too.

Eating raw meat will make you sick so you need to cook it!

You'll want to make a campfire, you'll need to following resources to make it:

  • 12x Thatch
  • 1x Flint
  • 16x Stone

Place it down, then open up its inventory, place meat and wood in there.

Now set it alight and overtime the meat will cook and you've got yourself a yummy snack.

Preserving Cooked Meat

There are a few ways to make cooked meat last as long as possible.

One way is to put it in the Preserving Bin, you'll need Sparkpowder to run it.

Otherwise, you can put Oil in the Preserving Bin to make Meat Jerky.

Place most food items in the Fridge to keep them from spoiling as long as possible.

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