ARK Lost Island Release Time Countdown: Release Date, Confirmed Content, Trailer, And More

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ARK: Survival Evolved is introducing new game content through DLC, and the next package is Lost Island, ARK's newest official community map is set to introduce three new creatures for you to tame and a new map which boasts 150 square kilometers of new biomes, new challenges, and mysterious ruins.

Here's everything we know so far about the release of ARK: Lost Island.

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ARK Lost Island Release Time

Studio Wildcard has confirmed the official release times for Lost Island depending on the platform you play the game on. Here are the confirmed launch times along with the estimated patch sizes:

Planned Launch Times

  • PC / EGS: 11AM PST / 2PM ET / 7PM GMT.
  • Consoles: 1PM PST / 4PM ET / 9PM GMT.
  • Stadia: Due to the size of the Lost Island patch and a back-end bug on Stadia related to patch size limits, The Lost Island update will not be included with the Winter Wonderland content tomorrow. We're working with Stadia to resolve the issue. Stay tuned to our official accounts for updates!

Estimated Patch Sizes

  • PC / EGS: ~30GB
  • XBOX: ~50GB
  • PS4: ~50GB

Here's how long you have left to wait before you can get your hands on the game:

What Time Does ARK Lost Island Release?

ARK Lost Island Release Date

The upcoming DLC will release December 14, and it'll be available on PlayStation, PC, Switch, and Xbox.

ARK Lost Island Confirmed Content

One of the things players may look forward to is the new map which. Here's how the devs describe it:

Explore new heights and hidden depths in this expansive 150 sq. kilometer map where Survivors will encounter new biomes, challenges, and mysterious ruins!
Whether it’s exploring the valley of waterfalls, setting up your treehouse home in the Redwood Forests, getting down and dirty in the vast swamps, diving deep underwater, climbing snowy mountains, or caving, there’s something for every Survivor out there!
Lost Island is the first community map released with three new creatures, and the first to include a creature chosen by the ARK community. Unleash thermal hell from atop your Amargasaurus, glide into battle with Sinomacrops at your back, or treat your enemies to a shower of Tek-disabling Dinopithecus dung!

ARK Lost Island Trailer

Here is the official trailer of ARK Lost Island:

ARK Lost Island Creatures

So far, we know of three new creatures debuting in the Lost Island DLC:

  • Amargasaurus
  • Sinomacrops
  • Dinopithecus

It's not yet clear what other creatures might show up, but we'll update once we know more.

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