WATCH: NICKMERCS Reaches Predator Rank In Apex Legends

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has finally reached the Predator Rank in Apex Legends. He has been playing to make Predator for at least a couple of months. He has done very well in many matches, but when he finally reached that point, it was unexpected.

Below is a video featuring his iconic intro. I'm glad he could achieve the rank before leaving for Michigan in a few weeks. When he finds out he made it, the look on his face is priceless.

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NICKMERCS Apex Legends Predator

Let's start with the awesome video. For those who want to skip to the moment, it's at 17:15.

Nickmercs was dying, and his squad was completely overwhelmed. He was so disappointed, but he didn't realize that this would be his best performance. As he looked down, he saw the familiar cost of ranking up.

The fact that NICKMERCS didn't count the points he earned to reach Predator is very surprising. I understand it might make people crazy just because you can lose points too, but it'd be nice to know that you're close.

Either way, congratulations to NICKMERCS, and we're happy to see him reach another goal.

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